OXPO Visitor Schemes

OXPO facilitates scholarly exchanges between Oxford and Sciences Po.

There are schemes for doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows from both institutions and Visiting Professors (to Sciences Po) and Nuffield Visiting Fellows (to Oxford).

The call for applications will open soon for an exchange in the academic year 2015-16 .

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Visitors 2014-15

To Oxford

  • Nicolas Roussellier (MT14)
  • Cecile Pichon-Bonin (HT15)
  • Jenny Andersson (TT15)
  • Marie Bergstrom (MT14 –TT15)
  • Swann Bommier (MT14 –TT15)

To Sciences Po

  • Hartmut Mayer (September 2014)
  • Tim Power (June 2015)

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OXPO (Oxford-Sciences Po Research Group) brings together two of the foremost universities in the world in the field of social sciences. It is a meeting point for scholars at both institutions with the objective of fostering and stimulating joint scientific projects. It provides a platform for the comparative analysis of the evolution of political systems and societies, in Europe and beyond. The group coordinates comparative research projects that contribute toward this goal and it facilitates academic and student exchanges between the two universities.

  • Joint research programmes: over 20 projects have received OXPO’s financial support over the years. These are led jointly by academics of both institutions and provide a stepping stone for joint publications and events.
  • Nuffield College Visiting Fellowship: every term Nuffield College welcomes an academic from Sciences Po who is fully integrated in Oxford University’s research community. More information
  • Sciences Po Visiting Research Professorship: Sciences Po finances two visiting positions for Oxford scholars every year. More information
  • Doctoral exchange programme: OXPO gives the opportunity to students of both institutions to spend one year at the partner university. More information
  • Post-doctoral fellowship: each year a PhD student from Sciences Po receives a scholarship to carry out his postdoctoral work at Oxford. More information
  • Joint doctoral seminar: four students from each university participate every year in a seminar organised by Oxford and Sciences Po academics on a specific theme relevant to OXPO’s programmes.




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